SPECTRUM / SPECTER, Zagreb, Gallery Canvas, exhibition drawings and promotion Graphic map


About Colour – With Absence of Colour

Predrag Todorović accepted the graphic map offer– owing to radicalism, scrupulousness, coherence, consistency of his own author's mind – as a kind of autenthic artistic challenge. Nothing related to the traditional graphic list role
has motivated him, while in terms of graphic media, simply reproducing something from his own painting or drawing work will be a mere trivality.

By the Map Spektar/Spectre Todorović- implying wide mental experience and drawing conceptualization – in decent ,intriguing and particularly witty way in graphic media, enquires the art-experience-cognition relation and testifies the language play process in its inherent manifestation. In his past articulated work as conceptualist, Todorović – as an artist shows propensity to achromatic expression and to drawing with vortical, vibrating and linear structures - relying on contemplation and creative play,found the challenge for the map transforming the project not only in painting, but also in intriguing conceptual-analytical and, generally, mental action that continues to question the issues of plastic sign, material applied, sintax, grammar, methods, in fact an entire plastic structure for itself, colour (absence) of colour, above all. He interprets his knowledge on colour spectre achieving all seven sheets in unique and concurrent way,by the drawing as formal and formative dominant and using by achromaticity as decisive trait. In his work,through characteristic drawing, he launched the speech about colour, yet, with absence of colour! The problem as referred to in the map is the spectre, refraction, dispersion of light in six colours, while the seventh graphic sheet means the light itself, a sum of all six colors. Todorović, asssumes that light is in fact, electromagnetic, vibrating radiation from the universe. The root of the word spectre originates from the Latin word specter, meaning ghost, apparition, spectre, appearance….If colour is considered to be a mere impression available to human eye and due to this deficient perception we shall never be able to grasp the very meaning of colour, any consideration on this issue is legitimate, and artist can also contemplate and discuss the six colours – and – visualizing them – by achromatic expression.

The drawing appears to be a medium imposed for conceptual expression on given topic.Here comes pictorial information reduced to a gesture entity – a simple stroke through repetition, permutation and multiplication,with no hierarchy and preferences,builds the form,fills in the pattern exhibiting exceptionally interesting and complex situations. By oversensitive microstructural treatment of the pattern format leaving no remnants,more than one decade, Todorović has been creating miniature weave of teeming,whirling,undulated threads,attributing dynamism to the thick screen substrate and transforming it in dynamic electrical field charge. Such complex abundance in fact,consists of:consists, in fact, of: nuances of shades, graduated, modelling, undulated and round light and shadow plays ,light print and negative, volume, fullness and hollow, obliteration, thickness stratification, transparency, mono-chromacity; it is a matter of repetition,proceeding always deprived of descriptive-literary and visual additions. A particular colour sensation on every graphic sheet is manifested by means of two rational elements-colour valeurs and frequency rate( dynamism)which characterizes the particular colour spectre movement in electro-magnetic wave form.There are just these two elements that inititated and activated the graphic sheet composition. Speaking of a colour, in terms of chiaroscuro technique, on the graphic map would mean relying on the valuer, on the requested light relation that „regulates“ the light amount absorbed by a particular colour – red and green colour have 40%,orange colour 70%,blue colour 20% and violet colour has 20% of light absorption. Frequency rate and dynamism of particular colour as shown by the stroke „granulation“ size that forms pattern. For example, red, the first spectre colour is inert,of modest kinetic energy, long wavelength and therefore,its painting equivalents are sizeable, granular strokes, while the equivalent of flutter violet are the „overbooked“ small graphems. The seventh sheet comprises all six colours' energies. On this sheet,regarded to be the lightest one according to the valuer key, the other sheets' matrixes were printed in valeur's reverse (negative),the red and green as 60%, the orange as 40%, the yellow as 30%, the blue as 80% and violet colour as 90% light information,in order to get light velvet surface in the end that would be a logical colour addition in light. Nevertheless,arrangement,pattern fusion and stroke course – cluster of signs on conscious and unconscious level, empirical and emotional lines of force- within each pattern compisition are developed on free and intuitional basis. Completely indulging to inner impulses,contemplation, self-analysis and intuition, in the pattern Todorović releases the conscious and the sub-conscious, the drawing represents both the rhythmical condensation medium and the author's energy, psychochart, authentic recording of instantaneous invectives, high-spirited, subliminal, mental states and states of mind, resulting in unpredictable intriguing and high-sensitive configuration.

Ivica Župan