SEVEN STATIONS, Budapest, Gallery Zikkurat


Seven Stations of Drawings

Predrag Todorovic presents his recent artworks in solo exhibition called Seven Stations at the Zikkurat gallery of the Hungarian National Theatre in Budapest. The inner space of the gallery spreads in seven levels which stream in spiral movement. The specificity of space, as well as the symbolism of number 7, have defined the thematic sense of the exhibition, its name, and directly, the selection of works. After being invited by the general director of the Hungarian National Theatre Róbert Alföldi, the artist Predrag Todorovic has selected some of his amblematic peieces of his 20 years artistic life, yet some works were made particulary for this exhibiton space, because of its semantic architectural specificity. ‘’Ziggurat is a symbolic space where human meets eternal, divine. Myintention was to introduce the symbolism of possible ascent of the human life in the whole of spiral rise from the primary material level, over emotional, rational, intuitive, spiritual and willing level, up to the seventh level of eternal life, in coexistent playful game of artworks. In this sense, the gallery is not only a formal and semantic framework of the exhibition, yet it is an element equally subordinate to the entity, just like every artwork displayed there. The works are not supposed to be perceived as illustrations of those levels in the space or as a view of life. Material, emotional, rational, intuitive, spiritual, willing and eternal life, in interaction with ‘’brought in’’ works, become open meeting points of known and unknown, for new and different experience’’ says Todorovic about his new exhibition.

Predrag Todorovic has presented his 38 works in which one can notice drawing as a formal and visual dominant. Drawing has been in the focus of author’s interest more than last 20 years. First stronger impulse to create concentrating and swirling line clusters that cover all the surface, appeared in 1992. This has developed from the painting process in order to dismiss the material-full aspects and concentrating on drawing itself. By refined microstructural treatment of the surface, he creates miniature texture of swirling, spiral and waving lines transforming a ground into dynamic field of tense energy charge.

There are different ground dimensions in this exhibition, from small experimental works of 15 x 15 cm formats, till big ones, like 7m huge works. The difference of formats has an influence in structural diversity of drawings, since the relation of format has an impact in the character of strokes, as well as in the structure of drawing. All the drawings are vibrant and swirling structures, mostly in black and white, made in different techniques and procedures, from using marker or ink, till carving or scratching in wax or asphalt. The ground texture also determines the way of plotting of the surface, so we can see drawings on different surfaces like paper, wood, canvas, asphalt, rubber, wax and ready-made objects. This passion for plotting and covering the whole surface, with no limits in stroke modes, directions of movements and line density, have motivated the author to conquer three-dimensional objects with drawing since the year 2000.

For the author is of particular importance the relation with the surface, which he entirely covers with lines in the state of creative contemplation. For this exhibition, he has exclusively chosen the objects taken from his nearby surrounding (knife, pipe, money, bread, flag and crucifix), which he has totally covered with meticulous drawing. Beside this strong energetic impulse, transmitted by movement of his hand, those objects carry the meaning, so we read them in context within the symbolism of seven levels.

In this exhibition, the ambience units are displayed from the starting material level, formally presented in dense matter in black bitumen; but in the upper levels this matter has changed its quality in the sense of chromatic specter of drawings. Drawings in silver marker made either in 2-D surfaces, either on objects, create an ambiance that presents a station of intuition and level of spirit. Ascending towards to last, seventh level of Ziggurat space, Todorovic has exhibit works done in white and gold marker. In final video projection called “White noise”, the space is filled with the frequencies of the from Universe. It is known that Universe is made of whirlpool of two substances, animate and inanimate, which are in constant change and motion. The last station – the eternal life, becomes the symbol of process of constant self-revival creation. By means of drawing, the oldest mode of human visual expression, Todorovic transfers pulse of creative energies and life vitality. The author considers drawing as an intuitive, sensual and spiritual experience; for him, it is a synthesis of cognitive and spiritual.


text: Nataša Ivančević
translation: Ivana Gabrić